Employees of the Rail Coach Engineering Factory's Talent Management and Team Effectiveness

  • Dr.C.Kathiravan, K.Dhanalakshmi, A. Rajasekar, S.Velmurgan, P.Mahalakshmi, E.Chandramouli, V.Suresh, B.Padmaja
Keywords: Talent Management, Attraction, Retention, Motivation, Development. Team Effectiveness.


The purpose of this research is to investigate the Rail Coach Engineering Factory in Hyderabad (coach body), using talent management as an independent variable and team effectiveness as a dependent variable. The researcher distributed 310 questionnaires, 200 of which were completed, using the easy sampling technique. The focus of this research is on permanent and contract workers. The dominating team effectiveness, according to the researcher, was transformative and transactional, and its workers were ‘moderately dissatisfied' with their company. Individualized consideration is a powerful predictor of the whole Talent management aspects when it is 'not fulfilled.'

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