Unravelling Feminist Spaces in a Patriarchal domain

  • Dr.S.Krishna
Keywords: Subjection, sensibility, assimilation, transgression, chauvinism


A Woman’s status in India is a turbulent one. In the present system,  a woman is expected to  mould herself in the pattern of the family into which she is married and ultimately merges her identity with that of her husband. For years this has been the practice in this male chauvinistic Indian family, where even an attempt towards transgression is considered a sin. Women writer’s over the years opposed this and started to write about this with determination. A woman’s status in India is  a paradox. There is a vast gulf between the status of literate, working, urban women and illiterate, rural women. But they are unified by some kind of subordination at different levels and in different ways. Their status is perceived to be a paradox because, with advancement of literary rate among urban Indian women, their establishment in various fields marks their growth. But the question of the position of the rural, subaltern Indian women is still a decisive factor. Flipping through the pages of history, the condition and eminence of women in India has been liable to great many contradictions over the bygone years. Across the nation their subordination remains universal.

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