AODV and DSR Based Routing Protocol for Mobile Adhoc Network

  • Asma Ahmed, Dr. Ajay Tiwari
Keywords: Adhoc Wireless Network, Routing, Adhoc Routing Protocol, AODV, DSR, DSDV. 1. Introduction


As the wireless industry grows, the importance of ad-hoc wireless They have the advantage of ad-hoc wireless networks as compared to other emerging network technologies, such as Internet Protocol (IP) or cell coverage. Manet (Mobile Ad Hoc Network) is a network of cell phone users that communicate over a very restricted wireless connectivity with a limited battery In the meanwhile, several protocols have been created for ad-hoc routing Ad-hoc routing approaches, however, are not without faults. An AODV-EXT-BP-DSR half-breed convention is shown in this.  In this convention, you'll find all of the features of both AODV and Due to the AODV convention, this proposed convention has a better information- In addition, the DSR protocol makes it more reliable. By applying the Bayesian probability hypothesis, it also decreases energy consumption and information transmission efficiency.

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