Service Innovation Affects Hotel Business Operations in the Northeastern Region

  • Kulrisa Khumsing, Piyaphon Phongsart, Vutipol Chutjaraskul
Keywords: Service Innovation, Operations


This research study on Service innovation affects hotel business operations in the Northeast The objectives were to 1) study the opinions of hotel business executives and those involved in service innovation levels and hotel business performance, and 2) service innovations affecting hotel business operations in the Northeastern region. The variables studied were service innovation and hotel business operations It is quantitative research. The research tool was a questionnaire, a sample group of 314 hotel business executives in the Northeastern region. The statistics used in the data analysis were percentage, mean, standard deviation. and analysis of structural equations with the M-plus program. The results of the research are as follows:

The results of the research were as follows: 1) Service innovation of hotel business in the Northeastern region. Overall, it's at a high level. Sort the averages in descending order, i.e., service processes; service staff physical environment, or location technology in service, respectively, and in the aspect of hotel business operations. 2) Path analysis affecting the hotel business operation with 4 routes found that route 1, physical environment or location --> service innovation --> route operation 2 Service personnel --> Service innovation --> Operation Path 3 Service process --> Service innovation --> Operation and Path 4 Technology in service --> Service innovation --> Operation The summary of the four routes was statistically significant (p < 0.05). Should focus on service innovation variables/factors physical environment or location, service personnel service process, and technology in service) because these variables/factors affect hotel business operations and applying the model to the business, resulting in a sustainable business operation. Therefore, the business can be applied to their own business as appropriate to the nature of the business area to support sustainable business.

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