Role of Entrepreneurial Marketing in Internationalizing SMEs: An Introspection

  • Arpita Goyal, Uma Sankar Mishra
Keywords: Entrepreneurial Marketing, SMEs, International performance, Challenges, and opportunity.


The activities of small and medium-sized firms (SMEs) in terms of internationalization have sparked scholarly interest in recent decades. Although the literature has recognized major corporation's outstanding performance, the obstacle and opportunities for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the global market have not been thoroughly addressed. The purpose of this research is to give a literature review that identifies the developing possibilities and difficulties for SMEs in the global market. Specific research questions are 1. To find out the association between demographic variables and business performance indicators. 2. What are the challenges and motivational factors they face while internationalizing their business operation? A quantitative study will be conducted, including a total of 30 small and medium enterprises located in Rajasthan. While choosing the SMEs, the method of snowball sampling was followed. The firm will be chosen mainly from manufacturing SMEs in Kishangarh both operated on a national or international basis. A questionnaire approach with a survey design will be adopted for data collection.

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