Postpartum Maternal Health Care Approaches using Wisdom of Folk Philosopher in Chonburi province

  • Suratsawadee Sinwat, Thaweerat Thubthimthong, Phantakan Songsert, Saenguthai Huipan, Kunlathida Panthong, Songkoon Chantachon
Keywords: Postpartum Maternal Health Care, Wisdom, Folk Philosopher, Health Care Approach


At present, postpartum maternal health care using folk wisdom is facing a problem due to the changes in society resulting from the flow of ideas and emerging modern technologies, the growing role of modern medicine, and the greater responsibility of the mother in the family. This results in a decrease and a disappearance in the role of local wisdom on postpartum maternal health care. The objectives of this study were to study the current condition and problems in postpartum maternal health care problems in Chonburi province and to study the postpartum maternal health care approaches using the wisdom of folk philosophers in Chonburi province. In this study, the sample consisted of 17 participants which were selected using the purposive sampling method. Data were collected using interviews, observation, and focus group discussions. The results revealed that, in the past, treatment was often conducted by local healers, folk philosophers, folk healers in combination with herbs or various forms of superstition. Subsequently, with the development of modern medicine with a clearer reason for treatment, most people preferred modern medicine over traditional treatment methods. However, the use of local wisdom on postpartum care and the use of herbs for self-care are still in the way of life of the community. The concept of health and beauty is another concept that makes postpartum women have a desire to take care of their body in various ways to help them return their flawless and radiant skin with a firm body as before they have a child.

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