Implementing Sustainable Architecture Design Strategies Impacts of Built Environment

  • Sulaiman R. S. Wafi
Keywords: Sustainable Design, Green Architecture and Sustainable Buildings.


The sectors of construction in this era are no longer in isolation from the pressing environmental issues that have begun to threaten the world have been alert in the last few years, these sectors on the one hand is one of major consumer of natural resources such as land, materials, water and energy, on the other hand, the operations building and construction industry of the many and complex produce large amounts of noise, pollution and solid waste.

The problem of waste of energy and water leading to environmental problems - economic development of the buildings because of their persistence and continuity throughout the period of operation of the building. From here originated in the advanced industrial countries new concepts and methods were not familiar with before in the design and implementation of projects, and these concepts "sustainable design" and "Green Architecture" and "Sustainable Building", these concepts all reflect the growing interest in those sectors of urban economic development issues under the protection of the environment, reduce energy consumption, the optimum utilization of natural resources and rely more on renewable energy sources.

Therefore, it is required of the construction sector to respond rapidly to environmental issues / eonomic that have surfaced in the last few years, and that is to involve environmental considerations, among other objectives, policies and plans of this sector, it has become this vital sector in the real test which demands more than any ever adopt orientations "Green Architecture" and "sustainable buildings" in order to be able to turn the national and development, and bear its responsibilities towards the protection of the environment and conservation of natural resources, and advancing economic development forward.

Several studies have addressed sustainability issues in architecture in general, but omitted the important role played by this vital sector to minimize the impact on the physical environment so I figured the problem of keyword in the presence of lack of knowledge regarding the role played by the sustainable design strategies to lessen those impacts.

This research aims to reveal the role of sustainable design to reduce the impacts on the physical environment and afflict the target in order to search the following:

  • Build a comprehensive theoretical framework for each of sustainability and sustainable design and sustainability strategies by examining some of the architectural literature that dealt with the subject.

Derive indicators of the designer to reduce the negative impacts in the design and application of the perpetrator of the sample and extract results.

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