Model of Performance Management Analysis for an Infrastructure Project

  • M. A. Khaliq, Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Hussain
Keywords: Performance Management , Infrastructure Project, Cost, Delays, Site Assessment and Work force.


Infrastructure Projects plays a vital role for the development of any country. Economy of any country is majorly depends on its infrastructure projects. In the construction of any infrastructure project improving efficiency by means of Cost and Time is well understood in the effectiveness of Cost saving but in many infrastructure projects it is observed huge losses to the contractor’s and late finishing of the projects and also the cost and time performance of the project is bad.

There is a necessity to look projects Performance from the bottom level of heirarchy for Improving construction efficiency instead of by means of Time and Cost effectiveness would surely contribute to cost saving. Therefore, this research aims to create a model of Performance Management for an infrastructure project and the causes for loses and delays which has been neglected.

Based on different literature reviews issues related to the performance management is identied and Questionnaire is developed for survey which is validated from the subject matter experts , consultants and contractors of the project. Data obtained from the direct and indirection inspection of the ongoing work, their behavior is all obtained followed by general questioning with different categories of the work force from engineers to the helpers are obtained. Analysis of data obtained is done and a portfolio of the candidates is created and all the onsite and off site assessment data obtained is used to evaluate them in order of their understanding with regards to the standards and specifications of the project. A model of the Performance of the workforce in a infrastructure project is made to understand the issues contributing towards the performance management which leads to high loses and  delays. This model helps how to improve the performance of the workforce which leads to saving the cost and minimize the delays. For better results create awareness of the Performance Management for an Infrastructure Projectstandards pertaining to every category is trained and the data collection after training is obtained and the performance before and after training is compared and the wastage hours and cost is obtained to conclude the research for the future projects.

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