High Performance Zero Trust Secure Vehicular Network for Autonomous Vehicles

  • Dr. Aniket Deshpande
Keywords: Ad hoc networks, high performance, zero trust, autonomous vehicles, security systems, MANETs, VANETs, Zero Trust Networks.


Ad hoc networks provides safety and information services for reliable management of traffic. Trust plays a significant role in ad hoc networks by securing the network from malevolent node attacks. Since the characteristics of ad hoc networks like MANETs and VANETS are distinct, routing between vehicles seems to be very challenging. Further, as the information is bounded, the routing between vehicles perform a significant role in the communication of vehicular ad hoc networks. In this paper, a detailed review about the security approaches and application for smart transportation VANET system like anonymity, confidentiality, availability, integrity as well as authenticity are provided for a secured communication between V2I (vehicle to infrastructure) as well as V2V (vehicle to vehicle) is presented. In addition to that, this paper provides in depth analysis on the routing protocols on the basis of path reliability and hops for identifying optimal route to transmit trustworthy information. However, because of selfishness, certain vehicles demonstrates different misbehaviours like packet dropping, which results in overall performance drop. Therefore, it is essential to stop such kind of vehicles for participating in communication. Besides, in order to prevent attacks in the ad hoc networks, various ZT (Zero Trust) management systems and recommendations were presented in this study for yielding high performance and reliable ad hoc networks.

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