Effectiveness of 4MAT Model in Developing the English Spelling Skill of Grade 8 Students

  • Jinvara Pimsaeng, Samrit Kangpheng, Chalermwutpitak Laplay, Ratree Loetvathong
Keywords: Effectiveness, 4MAT Model, English Spelling Skill


The purpose of this research was to construct an instructional method for developing English spelling skills by using the 4MAT model entitled "In the Garden" for grade 8 students of Khamkaen Nakorn School. The level of students’ satisfaction was also studied. The sample of this research comprised 30 grade, 8 students, in the first semester of the 2020 academic year at Khamkaen Nakorn School, Khon Kaen Province. While the independent variable was 4MAT model learning, the dependent variables were 1) the effectiveness of English vocabulary spelling skills, 2) The students’ satisfaction with 4MAT model learning. The research instruments consisted of two units of vocabulary activities or games and procedures, a vocabulary post-test, and a satisfaction questionnaire. The data were analyzed by percentage, mean, and standard deviation. The results of this research were l) the effectiveness of the 4MAT model in developing the English spelling skill was 80/73.67, and 2) students’ satisfaction towards the instructional package was at a high level.

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