An Improved Framework for Hybrid Energy Harvesting for Underwater Sensor Nodes and IoT

  • Suman Arora, Geeta Nijhawan, Gourav Verma
Keywords: Energy harvesting, Sensor network, underwater sensor network, Solar, thermal, piezoelectric.


Energy harvesting for sensor networks deployed at critical locations is an important research area now these days. Various types of energy harvesting techniques like solar, thermal, aquatic, wind energy harvesting systems are very popular in research community. This is found in the survey, that single energy harvesting technique is not enough for the wireless sensor network, especially when the nodes are deployed at critical areas like volcanoes, underwater, ocean, rivers etc. Finding energy solutions for perpetual, battery less, and critical places where human intervention is not possible is the motivation of this paper. In this paper, a hybrid energy harvesting solution using solar, pressure, and thermal has been proposed. An optimized framework has been proposed, implemented, and analyzed for underwater sensor network application. A mechanical and an electrical schematic has been designed, implemented, and realized. The physical parameters of solar, thermal, and piezoelectrical transducers has been analyzed along with mathematical equations to find the best possible solutions for the optimized framework. The model is theoretically implemented and investigated, and this is found that 13.66KJ of energy can be extracted in 24Hrs from the proposed design which guarantees a perpetual lifetime of sensor node.

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