Software Architecture Recovery with the ArRTool

  • Ahmed Raad Raheem, Wisam A. Mahmood, LaythKamil Almajmaie, Saad. Albawi, Saad Alazawi, Oguz Bayat
Keywords: Software Architecture Recovery. Reverse engineering. Data Mining. Software Engineering.


A system organization can be described as the software architecture, which is an integral part of any software development process, as it offers guidance for the system's design and deployment as a whole. However, it is still normal for system architecture documents to be obsolete or not, as documentation is typically deprived of due priority and time in the process of system evolution. The need to record existing systems resulted in reversed engineering techniques to restore the software architecture. But, if they are carried out manually, and are not done manually, these techniques are typically difficult to use and finalize implementation costs, because software engineers need to spend a lot of time researching us. This work introduces the Architecture Ruler Recovery tool which has been developed to supplement the Eclipse Development Interface to help with the software architecture recovery process. The tool is based on data mining techniques taken from the Java code source for projects, which allows the generation, without any special prior knowledge of the app domain, of sets of association rules which enable the software engineers to restore architectural rules for a particular system.

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