Review of Cyber Security Threats and Possibilities in Smart Grids

  • Priyamvada Chandel, B.A. Sawle, Deepa Warudkar, M.K. Wadhwani
Keywords: Information security,smart grid,cryptography, cybersecurity,and security protocol.


Smart Grid, referred to as the next-generation power grid.It is an innovative and revolutionary regime compared to present power networks. More crucially, the smart grid is an electric power grid that integrates sophisticated computers, two-way communication technologies, power controllers, renewable energy sources, and many other important components related to continuous power flow. Smart gridis designed to significantly enhance the accuracy and stability of the power sector that incorporates demand response controllers, decentralized intelligence and consumer response. Cybersecurity becomes a major concern with the smart grid's quiet features due to the interconnection of millions of digital equipment via communications systems throughout vital energy sources, which directly influence the dependability of such a vast infrastructure. This paper offers a detailed overview of security concerns affecting intelligent smart grid functionalities. Also,it will examine and discuss security needs, network weaknesses, responses to cyber-attacks, and secure network connection methods and architecture in the smart grid. The purpose of this paper is to give an in-depth knowledge of the smart grid's security concerns and solutions and throw light on various worksonsmart grid cybersecurity.

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