Equilibrium Studies on Adsorption of Pb2+ ions using Citrus Sinensis Peel

  • Shubhangi S.Malkhede, Dr. Y R M Rao
Keywords: Adsorption, heavy metal, isotherm, kinetics, lead ions, sorbent


Heavy metals such as lead,copper,nickel,etc contamination and their toxicity is a serious concern in India.Many methods of treatment are available. But an adsorption process with activated carbon is unique and most efficientmethods for removing the pollution agents.Researchers are working to identify various cost-effective,efficient,environmentally friendly, easily and locally available adsorbent materials. This research work aimedto investigate the application of orange peel (citrus Sinensispeel) as an adsorbent material which is locally and easily available agricultural by-product, and verifying its results with the results of PAC in exclusion of Pb2+ions from aqueous solutions.Batch mode adsorption method has been followedin investigating the effect of various parameters such as pH, contact time, adsorbent dose, Pb2+ ions concentration, and adsorbent of varying particle size on the adsorption of Pb2+ions by both OP and PAC. The evaluation of adsorption data is essential for the development of an empirical relationship based on the results collected throughout the course of experimental work. Several equilibrium isotherms, including the Langmuir, Freundlich, BET, and Modified Freundlich Isotherms, were analysed in order to find the isotherm that provided the best fit.

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