Development and Research of Cloud Computing-based Signal Analysis and Processing System Platform

  • Lifang Zhao* , Dandan Dai


Signal analysis and processing are widely used in equipment dynamic analysis, condition
monitoring, fault diagnosis, equipment management and maintenance. With the modernization
and automation of equipment management and production, the amount of data to be analyzed and
processed in the process of signal analysis and processing is very large. The rapid increase in data
volume has not only put pressure on storage capacity of computer hardware, but has also brought
challenges to data management and storage performance. Based on the above background, the
purpose of this article is to develop a signal analysis and processing system platform based on
cloud computing. This paper adopts cloud computing technology and combines the relevant
knowledge of signal analysis and processing to initially realize the construction of a platform for
signal analysis and processing under big data. Using network communication technology, the
mobile terminal client and server can view the signal analysis and processing results in real time.
Analyze the open source cloud computing platform Hadoop framework model, build a cloud
computing Hadoop cluster server, and provide platform support for signal analysis and
processing. The B / S structure is used on the client / server side, so that as long as the user’s
mobile terminal can access the Internet and use standard browsers and communication protocols
to communicate with the server, there is no need to customize protocols and develop
corresponding communication modules. You can view the analysis results. The experimental
results show that the sampling rate is 2.5GHz, and one sample is stored in double bytes, and the
amount of data per second is greater than 5GB, which is equivalent to 432TB / day. This article
combines cloud computing technology, network communication technology, and signal analysis
and processing technology to achieve the basic signal analysis and processing functions under big
data. It provides a theory for implementing other functions of signal analysis and processing and
related platform technologies in other industries under big data. Basis and practical application

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