Cloud Computing Applications, Security and Challenges – A Review

  • K. Uma Maheswari, Dr. V. Sumalatha


Cloud computing, a rising model worldwide, empowers clients to distantly store their information in a cloud, in order to gain benefits on-request. Moving information from the On-prem applications to the cloud offers extraordinary accommodation to clients, since they can get information in the cloud whenever and wherever, utilizing any gadget, without thinking often about the capital Investments on assets, Security of data is the greatest test to enterprise applications cloud computing. Security of information is the biggest challenge to cloud computing. Cloud security has many benefits such as centralized security, reduced costs, reduced administration and reliability. Cloud security challenges are control over cloud data, misconfiguration, ever changing workload, access management and disaster recovery. In this paper, a detailed review of the security-related challenges in cloud computing is presented. After discussing the issues in cloud computing security, various emerging and existing technologies focused. 

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