Evaluating the Properties on Abutilon Indicum Natural Yarn

  • Ms. S. Umamageshwari, Dr. G. Manonmani


Natural fiber has shattered consideration of the research area generally since of their profitable and ecological charm. The scope of this research is to develop a textile material which is applicable for technical textile purpose. This paper deals about the yarn conversion process of the fibers extracted from the Abutilon indicum plant. The combination is to blend the extracted Abutilon indicum fiber along with the existing natural fiber to produces yarn. The mechanical and physical properties of the yarn has evaluated and centered on the optimistic properties of natural fibered yarn which will be supportive to lead for fabrication and other perseverance. As far of this, the small length natural fibers were primarily utilized for strengthening and supporting for various major products and also for by- products particularly in the development stage.

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