Language Security Planning in Civil Aviation - Issues and Framework

  • Liwen Liang
Keywords: Civil aviation, Safety management system, Language security planning.


Language security in civil aviation is an important area in language planning. This paper introduces Liddicoat's language security planning research framework in the military domain and safety management system in civil aviation. After systematically analyzing the language factors in the accidents and incidents in the civil aviation field in the past five years,this study integrates the four pillars of civil aviation safety management system, researches on civil aviation language safety planning, establishes linkages between orientation, planning measures and focus; and finally clarifies the multi-functions of language and constructs research framework in civil aviation as the foundation for the study of language security planning in the civil aviation field.

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Liwen Liang. (2020). Language Security Planning in Civil Aviation - Issues and Framework. Design Engineering, 16 - 27.